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Automation allows your organization to utilize existing workflows within your Organization to make Washington & West a true extension of your business office. Through automation, placements and additional critical data elements will seamlessly flow to and from your system into Washington & West’s cutting edge and proprietary denial and appeal management software Quantum Appeals.


    1. Placement or Referral of accounts to W&W without manual intervention
    2. Updates on account activity, including detailed notation by W&W staff
    3. Reconciliation of inventory daily, weekly or monthly based on existing workflows utilized by your organization
    4. Critical data capture such as root cause denial, appeal deadlines and submissions, status updates etc.
    5. Comprehensive internal reporting

Through the use of a secure File Transfer Protocol, accounts meeting your defined placement criteria such as balance, patient class, denial type and adjustment codes can be selected to flow from your system to Washington & West daily.

With a few easy steps, W&W can set up an automated workflow with your Organization:
1. Client to provide the current software name and version to W&W
2. Client to establish which fields or functionality should be automated
3. Client IT Department to provide W&W with data specification file – examples below

    a. Placement file – sent by facility
    b. Notes file – sent by W&W
    c. Update or Similar payment file – sent by W&W
    d. Withdrawal File – sent by facility
    e. Closure File – sent by W&W
    f. Reconciliation file – sent and received by both parties

4. Test transfer of files and functionality

Washington & West has proven automation workflows established with many major hospital financial systems.

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