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Commercial / Managed Care Denials

Denials and underpayments by private, for-profit insurance companies have climbed significantly in recent years, a reality that costs hospitals and health systems substantial time, energy, and money. Commercial payers may deny services during concurrent review or after the patient has been discharged for a variety of technical or medical rationales, including but not limited to:

At Washington & West, LLC, we have a team of interdisciplinary specialists who focus exclusively on appealing claims denied by commercial insurance providers. Our commercial team has experience with all the key insurance providers and will analyze and appeal claim denials based on relevant federal and state law, as well as contract terms and the rules specific to the plan. Our commercial recovery specialists investigate each denial in-depth to determine the best approach based on the uniqueness of the claim. The depth of our clinical, legal, technical and administrative experience enables us to understand the complexity of each denial, to draft effective appeals and, ultimately, to hold private insurance companies to their contractual and legal obligations.

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