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Kate Knitter

Kate Knitter

Director of Commercial Recovery

Kathryn (Kate) Knitter is the Director of Commercial Recovery for W&W.  Kate’s responsibilities include supervising reimbursement analysts in protocol, research, follow up and analysis for commercial inpatient and outpatient claims.  As one of the W&W’s experts in denial management, Kate focuses the efforts of W&W’s Commercial Recovery Department toward identifying the root cause of inpatient and outpatient authorization and claim denials within the provider revenue cycle in order to efficiently and effectively dispute both clinical and administrative denials on behalf of our clients.

Since starting with W&W as an Administrative Assistant in 2008, Kate has progressed her career and the business tremendously.  Quickly mastering her initial role, she subsequently took on positions as a Professional Relations Representative and Administrative Supervisor before accepting her current position as Director of Commercial Recovery.  Kate devotes a portion of her time to organizing meetings and educational sessions for staff and clients in which insurance payer tactics and appeal strategies are addressed.  Kate also provides expertise in system analysis within work flow including cost analysis, procurement and/or design of software, staff impact and allocation of funds

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